Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Jane Eyre Complex

Thinking about My Little Pony
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"You paint your head
Your mind is dead
You don't even know what I just said.
That's You: American Womanhood."
- Frank Zappa

My Women in Literature professor said that when a woman in a ninteenth century novel looks in a mirror, she isn't being vein, she's looking for who she is, unless, asserts my professor, that book was written by a man. Is it even possible to claim this with any objectivity? It seems a woman keeps looking because an image can never deliver a self, only a repeating question, ever cheapening, ever limiting. Maybe a mirror is a trap.


Blogger Heheher said...

The fact that mirrors attract and trap demons and other pesky negs should inspire additional pondering of this. A friend more than a decade my senior had once given me a lovely mirror, the kind you expect to see in a Victorian Summer Cottage. "I used to do Coke on it with my ex during the 70's", she said, "Don't want to hold onto those memories". Dear loved ones; don't give me tokens from times in your life you want to forget, just bury them in the ground, or a landfill please.

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