Sunday, September 18, 2011

Headlines (Fall 2011)

  • Contagion movie oddly less scary than real global health situation. Director graciously kills off Gwyneth Paltrow early enough for movie to still be enjoyable, if not great.
  • Fight with hair-club victim at center fundraiser narrowly averted when he followed his "Education is a wicked easy doctorate to get..." comment with a small charitable purchase of a book that he probably can't read.
  • "Hot Dog" creative theme for craft night event fails to manifest to full potential: further mediums will be explored soon.
  • Somehow recipes online are more interesting when cussing is involved.
  • Genealogy investigation reveals that Grandpa purchased his high school diploma, far ahead of the current for profit university trend.
  • Another failed cell-phone exorcism attempted, long after return from Ghana, where spirits are suspected of possessing phone and randomly disabling various features for inconvenient but impermanent lengths of time. That it might be the ghost of Steve Jobs' career tempting me to buy an i-phone a possible theory. More likely it's mold from the Global South.
  • Once again, I'm doing anything I can to avoid my schoolwork.


Blogger Susan said...

Aha, not only is she back—I get a wonderful morning laugh! Ahhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm—or something.

4:01 AM  

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