Friday, July 06, 2007

The delicate line between mockery and celebration

A valuable lesson from West Africa: Sometimes outfits speak louder than words.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Undertaken in school yards

  • Watched sheep give birth (to another sheep.)
  • Took bucket bath.
  • Asked goats to leave the library.
  • Nursed football wounds.
  • Answered someone's cell phone for them during mass prayer.
  • Fought over chicken scraps with another volunteer.
  • Burned books (due to termite infestation.)
  • Avoided marriage proposal.
  • Considered marriage proposal.
  • Woke caretaker from his nap (in a wheelbarrow.)
  • Startled donkies using pit latrinte (for wrong purpose.)
  • Explained the use of Beanie Baby Collector's Guide and Bowling for Boys found in box of donated books.
  • Found common ground with a man who's religious beliefs prevent him from shaking my hand.
  • Danced with barren women with a gourd on my head.
  • Marked papers by headlamp.
  • Learned that Jawoh adds the "h" to his name "according to his feeling" and that's how it appears on his passport.