Saturday, September 17, 2005

Time keeps passing here, too.

Rain Dance
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I leave for site tomorrow, curtain fabric, bag of lentils, propane tank, and a little piece of paper that says "Peace Corps Volunteer" in tow. Right now it's all about kicking out the geckos and the spiders, and setting up something I can call home. There should probably be some sleep dividing this task and that one, so I'll try. I'll try.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

They even taught me how to eat

food bowl
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Things I learned in the past 10 weeks:
1. Knock on the pit latrine before you open it so the cockroaches know you're coming.
2. Ataya glass, shot glass, same thing.
3. There is no way to say "that is interesting" in Mankinka.
I feel prepared.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

M be Jang Dorong

Caroline and Jay
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Mandinka Kango mang kuleya, bari m man moyi foloo.

That's where I'm at this week, as I wait to swear in as an official volunteer, waiting to greet the home people. I'm trying to buy gas to cook with but it takes two gele buses and a boat ride to get to the one place the border closure hasn't affected. A new home, a new name, a new stomach with an alien gestating within and a mild fever all fill my time right now. But it's fun to be here in front of this glowing screen again, like something I used to know how to do.