Saturday, May 19, 2007


· Health authorities need not worry, leper is given own food bowl at workshop venue.
· Principal of a school in Central River Region refuses recommendation of powerful Mirabou to sacrifice himself in order to expunge the school of demons responsible for student/teacher possession. Possession continues to disrupt teaching and learning.
· Women return to rice fields for long days of low-profit labor. Men continue brewing ataya and stress the importance of differentiated work in society.
· Nigerian Pentacostal missionary/high school teacher still unsuccessful in removing the “Spiritual blinders” from his students in order for them to be able to read. May be forced to resort to instruction of reading.

On the Homefront
· Temperatures rise to candle-melting levels, posing the question “How am I still alive?”
· I’m yet to marry a host country national, though pressure mounts due to my extremely advanced age.
· A petition to extend my service for one more year, created at the last minute, was approved this week. Campaign for new underwear begins with next mail run.
· Tenth baby born on bedroom floor in our compound. Mother relatively unimpressed with repeated miracle, but healthy baby is nonetheless adored by all.